World Investment Forum 2018: Investing in Sustainable Development, United Nations, UNCTAD, Geneva

Panelist: “Global Investment Game Changers Summit: Pioneering solutions for a better world”
22 October 2018

Barbara Kux on the Game Changers panel at the UN World Investment Forum 2018

The Geneva summit marks the 10th anniversary of the leading forum to leverage investment policy for sustainable develop­ment. Barbara Kux, who contributed to the creation of the UN’s 17 Social Develop­ment Goals, spoke as one of the game changers invited for their track record of achieving these goals in industry. The panel was opened by UNCTAD Secretary General Mukhisa Kituyi and joined by entrepreneurs from Asia, Africa and Europe – as well as Sophia, a humanoid robot. Barbara Kux stressed that technology already exists to achieve two thirds of the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to net zero. Green technology offers substantial market opportunities that companies can seize with leadership, vision, strategy and prioritisation. And she said that millennials wish to work for companies devoted to sustainability and that, within the EU alone, four million green jobs have already been created.

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